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By 2050, world population is expected to reach 9.6 billion. It is further estimated that 70% of the population will be living in an urban setting. This is encouraging agricultural development for the sustainment of food and in the process providing solutions to some of the problems surrounding industrial farming. This includes resource depletion, pollution and the loss of biodiversity. Eco playfully responds to these issues by creating conditions to grow, harvest and consume food within the urban home. By combining nature and technology, the product subtly invites individuals to recognise the social, economic and environmental benefits of urban farming.

How it Works

Eco is a hydroponic wall garden that enables people to grow and harvest herbs within the urban home. Users are able to experience the feeling of satisfaction growing food has to offer. Although the product is mainly self-automated, it playfully invites the user to engage and interact with it. It does this through a water level sensor that detects when water levels are low and needs filled up again. This is communicated on the face of the light by telling the time; which disappears when the product runs out of water. The product can tell when it has been attended to through a copper touch sensor and will go back to telling the time once water levels are sufficient. This interaction is a playful way of encouraging the user to become involved in the growing process.

A Few Interesting Points:

  • This project was featured by Creative Dundee during a series of videos on local design talent.
  • This project will be on display at New Designer's Exhibition, London between the 5th and 8th of July- come along and say Hi!

Design Process

For more information behind the design process of this project, please take a look at my process booklet by following the link below: