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Assembly of the frame

Now that my ceramic components are out of the kiln, I was able to spend this weekend drawing up a template so that I can begin crafting my frame this coming Monday. My ceramics coming out of the kiln was definitely a milestone for my project. Due to the complexities of the wooden spacers situated within my frame, I had to ensure my template was measured with precision- something that I could only achieve using the true sizing of my ceramic components after they had been fired.

I began by measuring out my ceramic plant pots. I’m very pleased with how they’ve out in terms of quality and size.

Once I had these dimensions, I took to illustrator to draw up my template; which I then printed and headed to the workshop with to start construction.

First, I was tasked with cutting and sanding the front and back of the frame. This took a little longer than anticipated. I had to ensure both were exactly identical, so that they line up perfectly when I come to attach the ply around the sides of the frame.


I then created the wooden spacers/ bases, cutting them down to size and removing a section from underneath to allow for water flow.

The next step was sanding them at angle to allow the plant pots to be inserted and removed. This was definitely the most timely- and frustrating stage, taking a lot of trial and error to achieve the right angle. Once these were sanded down to size, I carefully measured them to ensure they were spaced consistently before gluing. I also double, triple and quadruple check the angles were right before setting it in stone. 

Rebecca Williamson