product designer


Mark II

One of the main features of my product, is its constant rotation. The idea behind this is that as the frame rotates, the plant pots collect water from the reservoir inside. With this being such an important aspect to the whole functionality of my product, I really focused on getting my frame to rotate. 

I crafted the frame down in the workshop, spinning the circular disks on the sander and cutting away excess material from the middle using the jig saw. I then built some depth using wooden spacers, with a section cut away from underneath to allow for water flow. 

In the end, the frame turned out pretty heavy. This allowed me to test how the cog mechanisms sustained weight. When I attached the frame to the motor, although it moved- it wasn't long before the frame lost its balance, so attached wheels underneath to take some of the weight away from the motor.

Feed Back/ Next Steps:

  • Plant pots need further development- test/ prototype how they are going in and out of the frame.
  • Experiment growing plants through mesh/ hessian-  How can I stop soil from falling out?
  • Test it's ability to sustain additional weight added on by soil, plants and water.
  • Develop the frame- how can I contain the frame/ motor within the frame? 
  • Speak to the workshop technicians on materials and manufacture- can the exterior circle be milled? How can I make it as light as possible?

Rebecca Williamson