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TedxTalks- Charlie Price on Aquaponics

As you've learnt from my previous blog posts- Aquaponics is an ecosystem approach to growing food. Aquaponics uses two very sustainable technologies. The first being 'aquaculture'; which is the ability to grow fish or aquatic organisms in water. And the second, 'hydroponics' which is the growing of plants without the use of soil. When these technologies are combined, 'aquaponics' is formed.

But how does it work? 

Aquaponics work within closed loop systems. The idea behind the technology is to take waste generated by the fish and use it as nutrient enriched water to feed the plants. By consuming these nutrients, the plants are filtering the water for the fish before it is returned back into a clean, sustainable closed loop system.

Today, I came across this very interesting Tedx Talks video of Aquaponics Uk's Charlie Price discussing the ecological benefits of aquaponics. 

Key Insights:

  • It is an opportunity to recycle wastes in to resources
  • It helps to create ecosystems- that would otherwise not exist
  • It helps to promote biodiversity
  • It is a more sustainable approach to food production 
Rebecca Williamson