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AKER takes the concepts of urban farming and open source platforms, and combines the two to enable people to download files and print them from wood to create their own urban farm; using facilities found in local make spaces.

It's founders hope the project will encourage individuals and communities to take back control over what they're eating. To do so, the project has designed the GroGrid ("a modular, multi-level, raised planter bed"), the GroSquare (a raised bed), the EcoHive (a top bar beehive), the GroWall (wall-mounted planter), the EggHaus (a two-hen chicken coop), and the WormHaus (worm composting bin), all of which together could be used to build "a complete backyard farm. The kits, just like the Open Source Beehives, are assembled without any screws or glues, and can be flat-packed for shipping or transport.

 AKER'S open source urban farming kits

AKER'S open source urban farming kits

What I find really inspiring about this project, is the way in which they try to connect connect the creativity and innovation of the 'maker movement' with our need to re-localize food production. It also recognises the fact that not only is processed food is really bad for us, but also the enviromental damage that is caused by our wasteful industrial agriculture system.

Rebecca Williamson