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Tech Development 2

Last time we talked tech, my product used:

  • A motor to drive rotation
  • A neopixel ring to tell the time

Whats changed since last time?

  • LED lights linked to a real time clock module to change light according to time of day. These are used to provide plants with light energy
  • It now uses a copper touch sensor 

I have my neopixel ring linked to a real time clock module, so that the LEDs light up according to hours and minutes. It is programmed so that when it reaches a certain time, the neopixel ring turns red. The ring will stay red, until the user attends to it. After the user attends to it, the ring will go back to displaying the time.

A challenge with this was- how do I get the neopixel ring to go back to reading the time? Two ideas came to mind:

  • Adding an additional component with a build in RFID tag; which the user would swipe to stop to say the product has been attended to.
  • A sensor that would detect when the user has attended it.

As you can see, I decided to go with the idea of using a sensor. 

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Rebecca Williamson