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Back To The Start

Today is my first day back at design school. And in approximately 10 months time, i'll be expect to get one of those real jobs. Having spent the past 3 years explaining to my family and friends what it is I actually do at uni, I don't think they really know what is it. Despite this, I have spent this summer answering the dreaded question- What Next? Without a definitive answer in mind, I have really tried to think about where I want to be in the future.

To figure this out, I thought a little reflection was needed. I asked myself- What have I learnt over the past few years? What are my strengths? And, what are my design values? 

I narrowed it down to the following areas, which I feel are influential in my approach to design:

  • Traditional Craft
  • Education
  • Enabling Technologies
  • Sustainability 

With these points in mind, i began thinking about my interests. Lately, I have become somewhat obsessed with the origin and ethics surrounding my consumer habits and decisions. I find myself wondering the Who, What and Wheres related to the products I buy and the companies I buy from.

This led me to explore potential areas for my personal honours project. 

BP 2.jpeg

From these, I am interested in the following directions:

  • Making creativity more inclusive
  • Sustainability in the home
  • Mental health 
  • Urban farming

Over the next week, I will continue to explore potential areas for my project.

Fourth year, I’m excited to see what you will hold- for now.

Rebecca Williamson