product designer


Automated or not

After loosing direction, I decided to spend spent this week putting my project back in context. Like I said before- it's time to focus on what it is and not on what it 'could' be- to a certain extent.

While trying to fathem my project out, I noticed that my project was going in two entirely different directions:

Direction No 1:

An automated system that enables people to grow, harvest and consume food within the home.

Naturally because this concept is it automated, it would be more technology orientated. It would require a number of sensors and timers to allow for this, alongside some form of temprature and light source.

Direction No 2:

An interactive/ engaging experience that enables people to grow harvest and consume food within the home.

This cocept would be more engaging for the user and perhaps less technology focused. Instead of being fully automated/ self sufficient, it would require assistance from the user. For example, the user would be responsible for replenishing water. 


Although I like both directions, I am really excited about creating a product that would involve the user in the growing process. Perhaps, the two can be merged to create a product that uses technology to provide the user with a growing experience within the home.  

Rebecca Williamson