product designer


03.11.17- Critical Reflection

This had probably been one of the most challenging projects to date. I spent a good while of this project in the fog, entangled in research and completely lost when it came to technology. Having said that, it has also been a learning curve that has totally changed my outlook on technology. Before, I found myself hiding behind my laptop screen avoiding any interaction with simple pieces of technology and tools like arduino. Admittedly, I fell into this trap during this project and found myself totally lost- but found the importance and beneifts of playing with technology. 

Like every project, I find myself asking- If i were to do it again, what would i do differently?

The answer is a lot. 

Like i said, i'd learn to be less afraid of technology and see it as an opportunity to learn about it. With that in mind I wouldn't let the fear of 'doing it wrong' get in the way of learning, so that I could grow and develop my skills.

I also feel like my video could have been clearer when communicating some of the points i wanted it to make. Here are a few things i'd change about it:

  • Environment- I would use different scenary to communicate how it behaves in different situations (e.g. classrooms, homes etc)
  • Users- Perhaps film it being used by the intended users (e.g. children, teachers, parents)
  • Voice Recognition- communicate the objects voice more clearly by speaking as different words are connected

I'd also make a few changes to the prop itself:

  • Perhaps print the lettering with conductive ink, so that when the blocks are assembled correctly they light up or react somehow
  • Communicate that the blocks are collecting information/ listening more clearly- I'd do this using fading LEDs, different coloured LEDs and sounds that would be controlled using a speaker

Even though i've criticised myself a lot more than praised during this reflection, this module has been one of the most inspiring modules to date. From a trip to Mozfest, learning about the voice enabled web and becoming a little less frightened of technology, it has left me feeling pretty excited to approach future projects with an improved knowledge and understanding of different tools, materials and resources that can be used to bring my prototypes to life. 

Rebecca Williamson