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12.10.17- Weekly Reflection 1

This week has been pretty intense exploring the unknown- unknown. Before Monday, I new little about AI and the voice enabled internet. I knew of siri and a few others, but thats as far as it went.   After Monday's study session, I had a couple of very rough ideas on what direction I want my project to take. This included:

  • Can ai be used to break language barriers?
  • What benefits can ai bring to the classroom/ education?

With these directions in mind, I claimed a wall space and began plastering it with post it notes. The end result looked very CSI investagtion- although it's not quite finished yet and is something I will continue grow throughout this project. 

IMG_2725 2.JPG

The key points documented on my wall this week are:

  • Can ai be used to gve teachers data-driven insights?
  • Can ai assess children in a more complete manner by collecting sata about their performance over a long time?
  • Can ai be used to develop a dynamic catalouge of the best teaching practices suited to different skills and capabilities?
  • Can ai monitor student's well-being and learning?
  • Can ai be tailored for student needs to provide them with targets and timely feedback?
  • Can it help bridge the achievement gap between poorer students and their wealthier peers?

At this stage, I recognise there are overlapping themes surrounding the following words:

  • Assistance
  • Friendship
  • Personalised

Now that i've identified different areas where ai can be used within the classroom and in education, I will spend next week exploring whether it would be ethically feasible. 

Rebecca Williamson